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Date: July 9 , 2020 2:00 PM EDT

Topic: Change Management: Through COVID-19 and Beyond

Change is a constant in life. Being able to successfully and productively navigate through changes, even ones we may not like, is essential. Sometimes our reaction is to expend time and focus on what upsets or worries us about the change.  We can get stuck in an unproductive mindset filled with negative and reactive emotions.  This approach can hurt our professional aspirations, personal relationships, and overall sense of well-being. Most of us are experiencing extremely high levels of change in both our personal and professional lives as a result of CoVid-19.  Developing skills that allow us to thrive through change rather than struggle through it is essential now more than ever.  We will discuss actionable steps to manage ourselves proactively and productively through change, as well as how to support our teams in the change process as well.


Participants will be able to:

  • Have actionable change management take-aways that can be implemented immediately.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the change process we experience, especially when the change is unwelcome or uncomfortable.
  • Understand the control we can have to navigate change with less stress and more productive results.
  • Have concepts to consider for leading and supporting team members through change.

CE: one (1) CE credit Personal Development



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